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Weight Loss Services

Medical Weight Loss Management in Laurel, MD and Annandale, VA

If you have been looking for a medical weight loss clinic that allows you to keep you in control of your weight loss goals, and accountable for your actions and progress, while providing recommendations and support, then your medical weight loss management at The Wellness NPs in Laurel, MD, and Annandale, VA is for you! For more information, call us today or book an appointment online.

Medical Weight Loss Management Near Me in Laurel MD and Annandale VA
Medical Weight Loss Management Near Me in Laurel MD and Annandale VA

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What do medical weight loss clinics do?
What is involved in medical weight loss?
Do you provide medical weight loss programs in Laurel MD and Annandale VA?

At The Wellness NPs, our main focus of services for weight loss and management is through lifestyle adjustments and counseling services which are all included in our programs specifically customized for you. Our sessions are available for you to open up about your weight loss aspirations, and challenges, as well as to establish what you want to get out of your weight loss journey.

Medical weight loss consultations are all completed at our The Wellness NP’s clinic, we gear our medical weight loss programs to finding out our patient’s past medical health history, as well as your lifestyle, health history, and exercise habits. Complete your file with us to start your weight loss program that best fits your life and suits your weight loss goals. We are here to ensure you are successful in your weight loss venture and get to enjoy your weight loss journey with The Wellness NPs today.

What do medical weight loss clinics do?

There are many Americans who are overweight or even obese, and they are looking for a way to get help by losing weight, or if they have lost the weight, a better and easier way to maintain their weight long-term. Medical weight loss clinics and management clinics like The Wellness NPs have specialists available to help with your medical weight loss needs.
Weight loss clinics and management centers like The Wellness NPs specialists are helping our patients to lose weight while teaching them strategies and approaches for staying healthy.
Our clinic has trained and experienced medical staff who provide our evidence-based approaches to weight loss and maintenance during your time with us.

What is involved in medical weight loss?

Before the medical weight loss journey can begin, an initial consultation will be completed which will include asking for information about your health and medical history, exercise habits, lifestyle habits, as well as your BMI which is your body mass index, this is completed by measuring your weight compared to your height.
Our medical staff will then review the information provided and design a weight loss program based on the goals that have been made. We also take into account that many Americans may be dealing with multiple chronic conditions, as well as they may physical limitations that can cause many lifestyle changes more challenging, or even be on medications that may affect how quickly you lose weight. We understand there is no one size fits all approach, the best option is a customized approach that will focus on your medical factors, lifestyle choices, and other factors to help you be successful in not only your weight loss but maintenance after the weight loss.
Included in our medical weight loss program:
– Medical weight loss counseling at The Wellness NPs
– Virtual Group or Individual Meal Planning with our Coaches
– Bi-Weekly Weigh-Ins
– Follow-ups with wellness recommendations

Do you provide medical weight loss programs in Laurel, MD and Annandale, VA?

The Wellness NPs offer medical weight loss programs to Laurel, MD and Annandale, VA, and surrounding communities, for any individual who is seeking a weight loss program that is customized to their specific needs and can work with any medical conditions, lifestyle factors, and many other factors that can make losing weight not only difficult but almost impossible. When you think losing weight and keeping it off will never happen, we are here to let you know, that it is not a deal-breaker. The first thing you need to do will be to reach out to us for an initial consultation appointment, from there you can ask any question you may have in regards to the programs we provide, how we will use our medical knowledge and experience to help with your weight loss, as well as anything else.
Contact our clinic today to book your appointment with our specialists to learn more about our medical weight loss management programs. We serve patients from Laurel MD, Maryland City MD, South Laurel MD, Ammendale MD, Savage MD, Annandale VA, Lincolnia VA, Alexandria VA, Lake Barcroft VA, North Springfield VA and surrounding areas.

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