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B12 & Lipotropic Injections

B12 Shots Specialist Q&A

Vitamin B12 injections are available and come with a plethora of benefits and nutrients necessary to help your body thrive! Contact us today to learn more, and enjoy the amazing benefits that vitamin B12 shots have to offer. If you have any questions for our specialist, schedule an appointment online or visit us today in Laurel MD, Annandale VA, and Honolulu HI.

B12 Shots Specialist Near Me in Laurel MD, Annandale VA, and Honolulu HI
B12 Shots Specialist Near Me in Laurel MD, Annandale VA, and Honolulu HI

Table of Contents:

What does a B12 shot do for you?
How often should you get a B12 shot?
Who needs B12 shots?

What does a B12 shot do for you?

Vitamin B12 injections provide a nutrient supplement that encourages the body’s blood and nerve cells to stay healthy and also helps to create DNA. DNA is the genetic material that is seen in all of your cells. Vitamin B12 can also help to prevent megaloblastic anemia, which is a blood condition that makes people severely tired and weak.
The necessary amount of vitamin B12 that you will need each day will depend on a few factors including your age. Vitamin B12 injections are available at The Wellness NP’s, these vitamin B12 injections provide many benefits including increasing brain function, weight loss, increased energy levels and so much more.
Vitamin B12 is vital to our bodies, as it plays a specific role in helping the brain to function while the production of our DNA and red blood cells are being created, it can also be effective for individuals who lead what is considered a clean lifestyle like vegan or vegetarian diets, this is because they are not getting enough natural vitamin B12 in their diets from the foods which are regularly eaten.
The symptoms that should be watched for if you are developing vitamin B12 deficiency often come on slowly, and gradually, but over time will intensify. Some of these symptoms include:
– Sensations that are unusual including tingling in the feet, legs, and/or hands
– Numbness
– Difficulty walking, this will be including issues with your balance and staggering when walking
– Anemia
– Inflamed or swollen tongue
– Memory loss, having a hard time reasoning or thinking
– Weakness
– Fatigue

How often should you get a B12 shot?

Vitamin B12 injections often only last close to a month, this is only if you do not have a vitamin B12 deficiency. If your blood test results show that you indeed do have a vitamin B12 deficiency, a few things will need to be changed, our providers will then customize a specific treatment plan for you tailored to the goals and needs necessary to provide sufficient vitamin B12.
Monthly vitamin B12 injection treatments are often booked with many of our patients as they want to boost energy levels and receive a multitude of other benefits from the vitamin B12 injections which will help with your health journey and allow you much more freedom than if you were just taking vitamin pills daily. It’s quite easy if you are looking to pre-book any appointments for vitamin B12 injections, we have an online schedule available, or you can pre-book in our clinic after your appointments. Each appointment time for a vitamin B12 injection takes no longer than 15 minutes to complete, which makes the appointment an easy, and quick solution for your vitamin B12 deficiency needs.

Who needs B12 shots?

Vitamin B12 is essential for everyone, as it keeps the body’s blood as well as the nerve cells healthy. Vitamin B12 can help to prevent many conditions including anemia, which is a blood condition that can make you feel tired and weak.
If you have a vitamin B12 deficiency, you are a great candidate for vitamin B12 injections, as they will immensely improve how you will begin to feel when you start the treatments.
If you are unaware if you are vitamin B12 deficient, view the symptoms of vitamin b12 deficiency, if you believe you have a few of the symptoms or all, contact us to book an appointment so we can review your symptoms with you, and go over how vitamin B12 injections will be beneficial to you.
If you do not have a vitamin B12 deficiency, it can boost many other areas, while fueling the body and helping many other things. Book your vitamin B12 appointment today! We serve patients from Laurel MD, Maryland City MD, South Laurel MD, Ammendale MD, Savage MD, Annandale VA, Lincolnia VA, Alexandria VA, Lake Barcroft VA, North Springfield VA, Honolulu HI, Sand Island HI, Ala Moana HI, Palama HI, Moiliili HI, and surrounding areas.

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