BMI analysis


Body Composition Analysis

When starting a weight loss journey, your starting point is just as important as the destination. However, simply weighing yourself on a regular bathroom scale is not a proper starting point. This is because a regular scale cannot tell you how much of your total weight is comprised of water, fat, or muscle. Therefore, it cannot tell you exactly what changes need to be made as you work towards a healthy body weight.

At The Wellness NPs, to help establish exactly where you are starting out, we offer a full body composition analysis to our patients. This valuable analysis can assess your health and fitness levels, and can be repeated as needed to review your weight loss and wellness progress. To ensure that the data on your health status are collected and reviewed, you will have your body composition measured at the start of our weight loss programs. You will also have it checked periodically to monitor your progress.


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FAQs on Body Composition Analysis