Welcome to the Wellness Chronicles!

Welcome to the Wellness Chronicles!

We are so excited to start up our new Wellness Blog that focuses on health, wellness, weight loss and so much more! Here you will find tips, facts, recommendations, recipes and so much more to bring you to a total place of wholeness.

For so long our society has placed focus on “cure” instead of “prevention.” We believe strongly that prevention is the key to a healthy and whole life. Why wait until the body breaks down to make changes? We can prevent disease from ever occurring by taking small steps every day that ensure our bodies are at their best and fully equipped with all they need to keep us going.

One of my favorite sayings is “if we take care of our bodies, our bodies will take care of us, if we neglect our bodies, our bodies will neglect us and will turn their backs on us when we need them most.”

Let’s work hard to take care of the one body we’ve got!

Here’s to a more healthier us as we embark upon our journey to lifelong health, wholeness, wellness and healing together.

Live well,
The CM Weight Loss Family