appetite suppressants


Prescriptions for Appetite Suppressants

Starting a weight loss journey is never easy. Some people find it particularly challenging due to their body’s response to their efforts. Strong cravings, mood swings, and more can interfere with efforts before they even properly begin - making weight loss seem impossible.

To help with these sorts of symptoms, The Wellness NPs offers prescriptions and natural appetite suppressants to our patients. These services and products can help to minimize the "withdrawal” type symptoms that a body experiences during weight loss. When purchased through our practice, you will also be able to take these weight loss aids knowing that a team of nurse practitioners is monitoring your care throughout your care journey. This medical supervision will ensure that your prescriptions are doing their job with no negative side effects.

No prescriptions or suppressants are ever prescribed until we have conducted testing and exams to review your overall health. To schedule an appointment with us, use our, online appointment booking tool, or call (240) 294 -4079

FAQs on Appetite Suppressants