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Meal Planning / Meal Replacements

At The Wellness NPs, we provide meal planning services to all of our clients. Through meal planning, people are able to establish what they will eat, how much of something they will eat, and even when they will eat (with room for healthy snacking, of course!). The planning process allows us to hold ourselves accountable should we begin to enjoy one cheat meal too many, and is very helpful in weight loss efforts. By working on meal plans with our own staff, you will not only be able to enjoy the benefits of your planning - but you will have help as we support and encourage you to stick to your meal and weight loss goals.

We also use meal replacements to help our patients reach their weight loss goals! A meal replacement is a substitute for “normal” solid food meals, and has been linked to successful weight loss. With controlled quantities of calories and nutrients, replacements can help patients reach their nutritional goals and feel full while also making larger lifestyle and dietary adjustments. They are also portable and convenient, making at least part of your meal selection process much easier each day!

Ready to learn exactly how these tools can help you with your weight loss journey? You can meet with us by scheduling your first appointment online! You can also call our office at (240) 294 -4079 to schedule an appointment or to ask us questions that are on your mind at this time. We look forward to hearing from you!

FAQs on Meal Planning and Meal Replacements